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We are a non-profit provincial resource for cancer researchers. In order to partially offset costs and encourage careful consideration of needs for each project, user fees are charged to researchers accessing our inventory and requesting support for new prospective collections. The user fees for accessing the inventory are calculated based on the costs of biobanking modified by several factors including the number of cases and amount of biospecimen and extent of data requested. Discounts are also applied to these costs for researchers supported by academic funding. To see how costs are calculated visit the USER FEE CALCULATOR. An estimate can be provided based on your completed application request.  User fees for services including performing prospective custom collections are determined on a per study basis.

See below for Examples of Academic User Fees.



The amount of time it will take to obtain bisopecimens and data from our inventory or through a new prospective collection varies depending on how promptly each step of the application process is completed and the complexity of the cohort or study selection criteria. An estimate can be provided based on your completed application.

The BBRS assists researchers to access materials (biospecimens & data) to support their studies with existing biobank material or newly obtained material. The access process results in the development of a support plan confirming the materials appropriate for the study, as well as completion of all ethics requirements and application review.  The average timeline for the completion of these access processes are influenced by the level of biospecimen or data complexity within each study supported.  Particular complexities exist with certain biospecimen formats that may require extra time to access and process.  The complexity of the data fields requested may require extensive chart review which may extend the time to complete.


See below for an average time to complete the typical steps within the BBRS access process.

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