We are committed to ensuring that researchers receiving biospecimens from us know how best to manage and to use biospecimens in research.  For this reason, we provide access to education for all researchers receiving biospecimens from our biobank. This is to ensure that at least one person in the research group has an understanding of the principles and practices related to biobanking.


To access this education and obtain a record of completion please go to: and choose the ‘Researcher Education’ option.


1. Create an account including completing a brief form

2. Complete the Basics of Biobanking Module 1



How long does it take to complete the education module?

The module can be reviewed in minutes or it can take up to 3 hours depending on your familiarity with biobanking.

What information is covered under the Basics of Biobanking Module 1?

Module 1 provides an overview that covers the following topics:

  • Introduction

  • Governance

  • Ethics, Privacy and Security

  • Facility Design and Safety

  • Quality Management and Process Improvement

  • Informed Consent

  • Biospecimen Collection and Processing

  • Biospecimen Storage and Distribution

  • Data Systems and Records Management

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