Biospecimen Quality Affects Your Experiments

Many variables affect the quality of human biospecimens used in research before they are collected, during collection, and after collection. Understanding, minimizing, and documenting these preanalytical factors that can affect the replicability of experiments is critical for research.

Our biobank:

  • Collects new biospecimens with standardized processes

  • Maintains our inventory using the ATiM database management system that incorporates national data standards

  • Adopts a quality management system ensure high quality annotated biospecimens

  • Regularly reviews and updates controlled documents to maintain standards

  • Is certified and adheres to the standards of CTRNet 


Our commitment

All biospecimens will be collected according to these quality standards.

For details of our process of review and update of standards please see:

Victoria Hartman, Tania Castillo-Pelayo, Sindy Babinszky, et al. Is Your Biobank up to Standards?  A Review of the National Canadian Tissue Repository Network Required Operational Practice Standards (ROPs) and the Controlled Documents of a Certified Biobank. Biopreservation and Biobanking, in press 2017.

For appendix tables to the above paper please click here.

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