It is thanks to the generosity of our participants that researchers can access human biospecimens and data for research.

We have one of the most carefully compiled collections of biospecimens in Canada.


These biospecimens are donated by participants undergoing surgery following a possible cancer diagnosis. More than 90% of patients approached generously consent to donate their biospecimensand data for use in research.

How to participate

If you are having surgery or have had surgery for a cancer diagnosis and would like to learn about how to donate a tissue or blood biospecimens to the biobank please contact us to obtain and discuss our TTR Consent Form.


If you have already received our TTR Consent Form and have questions about it or want to return it, please contact us.


Call  1-866-898-0887 (toll free within BC) or (250) 519-5713


Email: ttr@bccancer.bc.ca

Mailing address:  BCCA - Tumour Tissue Repository

                         2410 Lee Avenue, Victoria BC, Canada

                         V8R 6V5


In-person:  BCCA - Tumour Tissue Repository

               3rd Floor - Deeley Research Centre

               2410 Lee Avenue, Victoria BC, Canada


Fax: (250) 519-2038

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Office of Research Administration

Room 15.105

675 W 10th Ave,

Vancouver, BC V5Z 1L3

Deeley Research Centre

2410 Lee Ave.

Victoria BC V8R 6V5

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