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Improve the quality of your research with online classes that will teach you how to collect your own biospecimens, maintain your existing collections, and use biospecimens in the lab following best practices and standards.

Biospecimen Research Methods

UBC Edx course


The success of your research depends on the quality of the biospecimens you use. In this 6 week online professional education course you will learn the best practices for collecting, storing, and using biospecimens in the laboratory, from professionals with extensive experience in biobanking at the UBC and the BC Cancer.


This certificate course was designed by our team in partnership with edX and UBC.

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Essentials of Biobanking

Biobank Resource Centre Course


The BRC develops and delivers tools for researchers and biobankers who collect, store, or study human biospecimens with the goal of enhancing the quality and reproducibility of biospecimen research through education and promotion of best practice standards globally.


The Introduction to Biobanking course provides a general overview of the key issues involved in establishing, maintaining, and accessing a biobank.

The 9 online modules of this course will provide ‘how-to’ knowledge for researchers and biobankers, and ‘what is’ knowledge for stakeholders (e.g. the public, ethics board members, and administrators).

This course was developed by Canadian biobanking professionals, and enhanced with country-specific content from the international biobanking community. For more information visit the BRC website here:

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