Access biospecimens and data by completing the process outlined below.


Industry researchers will be guided on different aspects of this general process during Phase 1.

Phase 1 - Review

  1. Applicants should first contact us to discuss initial details of potential applications.

  2. We will then schedule a teleconference meeting to discuss projects, to scope out general feasibility and provide advice on study design and biospecimens and data potentially available.

  3. Applicants can then proceed to submit a completed Materials Access Application Form.

  4. Our Scientific Advisory Committee will review the application for scientific merit and biospecimen/data requirements.

  5. Applications are rated as supportable, supportable with reservations, or unsupportable. Rationale for decisions is provided on request.


Phase 2- Release


If the application is rated as supportable the applicant must complete and provide the following:

  1. A Material Transfer Agreement that details the terms of use.

  2. A certificate of Research Ethics Board approval from the applicant’s own institutional REB or appropriate independent REB documenting review and approval for the specific project proposed.

  3. Acceptance of the final user fee and estimated shipping charges

  4. Acceptance of inclusion of project in our annual summary report of research projects. This list is provided to the UBC BCCA REB as part of our annual renewal application and also to funding agencies.


For some applications, at our discretion, the applicant may also be asked for additional materials including;

  1. Documentation of completion of a short online education module on biobanking processes. A link to this module will be provided and can be completed by the most relevant individual involved in conducting the research project (e.g. graduate student, post-doctoral fellow, technologist).

  2. Documentation of funding for the specific project.

  3. Agreement around timing of shipping study materials in several test and main study batches.

  4. Confirmation of receipt of a small test batch and shipment of biospecimens to confirm delivery processes and routing.

  5. Confirmation and provision of experimental evidence of successful performance of the relevant assay(s) on our material in this test batch.



Let us know about your biospecimen and/or biospecimen data needs. 

Within your message please briefly discuss your biospecimen request detailing the cancer type, number of cases, biospecimen type (e.g. plasma, FFPE tissue, frozen tissue), biospecimen amount per case, and associated data requested.

Thank you for your interest in accessing materials from the BBRS.  

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